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July 23, 2009 by

Hands-Free Calling Tips [VIDEO]

Making an OnStar Hands-Free1 call couldn’t be easier. All you do is press the white phone icon button and once you hear “OnStar ready,” you can begin. Here are a few handy tips and voice commands you can use to make your Hands-Free Calling experience effortless. For example, did you know:

• You can say “dial” or “dial number” and then the entire phone number without pausing. The system will repeat the numbers before dialing, and if they are incorrect, just say “clear” to start over.

• You can store phone numbers — giving each number a name tag — for speed dialing. Just give the command “store” and the name of the person or place after saying the number you want dialed.

• To speed dial a number you’ve stored with a name tag, just say “call (name tag).”

• To hear a list of all your stored name tags, say “directory.”

• You can delete a name tag by simply saying “delete (name tag).’

• To dial the last number called, say “redial.”

• To hear your vehicle’s phone number, just say “my number.”

• To check how many Hands-Free minutes you have left, say “minutes.”

• If you had an OnStar advisor download a phone number to your vehicle, and you want it dialed, say “Advisor playback.”

• If you’re not sure which command to use, just say “help.”

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1 OnStar Hands-Free Calling requires a Hands-Free Calling enabled vehicle, existing OnStar service contract and prepaid minutes. Not available in certain markets. Calls may be made to the US and Canada only.