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October 22, 2009 by

OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics Helps Save Time and Money


Elijah and Nicole Scott have owned their 2008 Saturn VUE for just over two years, and they’ve already put 60,000 miles on it. To say they drive a lot would be an understatement. But Elijah, who also owns a couple of classic cars and loves working on them, takes pride in keeping all his cars in tip-top shape. In fact, he just got his oil changed on the VUE — for only the fifth time.

“My monthly OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics emails have saved me a lot of money over the last two years,” says Elijah. “I figure I’ve saved $450 on oil changes alone. Thanks to the GM Oil Life System, I’ve been averaging 12,000 miles between oil changes. If I had been getting my oil changed every 3,000 miles like I used to, I would have been getting my 20th oil change at 60,000 miles instead of my fifth.” Elijah’s 12,000 miles between oil changes and savings are not typical. Actual mileage will vary based on vehicle/engine combination, driving conditions and driver habits.

Elijah says he really relies on his monthly diagnostic email. “Because all your key systems are monitored regularly, it can help head off some expensive repairs down the road.

“Two weeks ago, my wife was driving the VUE when the tire pressure warning light came on. She pushed the OnStar button and the Advisor immediately checked the last diagnostics report and let Nicole know which tire was low and its pressure, and advised her to have the tire checked as soon as possible. When Nicole got home, I found a nail embedded in the tire. People don’t realize how important tire pressure is and how much damage can occur if the tire shreds. We might not have noticed the tire pressure was low until it was too late.”

When Elijah and Nicole were shopping for their VUE two years ago and the salesman was explaining how OnStar worked, Elijah admits he didn’t pay much attention. He says he figured it was something they’d probably never use. Now he says he’ll never have another car without it.

“We feel like we’re really getting what we’re paying for. It’s there if we need it, it has helped save us money and it lets us know that our car’s key systems are in good working order. And when you drive as much and as far as we do, that little extra peace of mind can be very important.”

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OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics1 lessens the worry of maintaining your vehicle by performing regular checks for you and sending you a monthly diagnostics email. Your vehicle can let you know what it needs. Sign up for OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics to get your monthly email diagnostic report at no extra cost. To sign up, just go online or press your blue button.

1 Capabilities vary by model and model year. Visit onstar.com for details and system limitations.