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November 5, 2009 by

Emergency Services: I started having contractions in the car


It was a cold January day and Susan Wenz-Denise — seven months pregnant with twins — was glad to be working from home. Her son Andrew, 4 1/2, was playing in the next room when Susan started feeling nauseous. At first, she thought it was just a stomach virus, but the worse she felt, the more concerned she got.

She called her doctor, who told her to come in. So Susan bundled up Andrew and the two of them headed out for the 40-mile drive to her doctor’s office. But then something happened that changed everything.

A scary situation

“I was about 10 minutes into the drive when I started having early labor contractions. It got so bad, I had to pull over twice until they stopped. I called my husband — he works about an hour away. He called my doctor and kept her informed on how fast the contractions were coming. When they were two minutes apart, she told me to pull over immediately and call 911.

“I was so scared and very concerned about Andrew, who by now had started to panic. He knew something bad was happening. That’s when I looked up and saw the red OnStar emergency button and pushed it. We had just bought our Saturn Relay a few weeks earlier and never had OnStar before.

“When the Advisor came on, I just knew it was going to be OK. She was immediately the voice of reason — very calming for both me and Andrew. She asked all the right questions, knew exactly where we were — at this point I didn’t have a clue — and in a matter of minutes, a police officer arrived followed by an ambulance.

“There was no way I could have called 911 myself and tried to tell them where I was. I just couldn’t concentrate enough to think. And with OnStar, I didn’t have to do anything. They took great care of me and Andrew.”

A happy ending

“I was rushed to the hospital where they were able to stop the labor and my babies had a chance to grow another four weeks before they were finally born — two very healthy girls — Emily and Liliana.


“That was two and a half years ago. Whenever anyone brings up OnStar in conversation, I always tell my story. Every time people hear it, they always say I should share it with OnStar. So here I am. And Andrew — who is now 7 — remembers the whole thing as a really ‘cool’ experience, thankfully. The Advisor calmed him down and the police and ambulance crew were so good with him. Every time I look at my beautiful girls, I am grateful for the help OnStar gave me when I needed it most.”

Help is just a button push away

In an emergency, every second counts. When you push the red OnStar emergency button, you are immediately connected with a specially trained Advisor who can direct help to your exact location using GPS technology. And the Advisor can stay on the line with you until help arrives. You can even use the red emergency button to be a Good Samaritan and report a crash involving other people.

When you push that red Emergency button, an OnStar Advisor can request emergency help be sent to your exact location. Have you ever had an emergency while on the road? Tell us your story.