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September 15, 2010 by

OnStar Announces New Services

OnStar Kicks-off ReLaunch In New York City

OnStar has announced new services, capabilities and technology as part of a brand relaunch that emphasizes “responsible connectivity.”

Subscribers and technology insiders got a first look at OnStar’s new technologies from OnStar President Chris Preuss during simultaneous events held in New York, Austin, San Francisco and Miami.

OnStar’s announcement included:


OnStar MyLink™
OnStar MyLink1 mobile phone application will allow owners to remotely activate all functions available on a traditional key fob — including remote start, horn and lights, and door lock and unlock — securely from select smartphones.

Developer’s Challenge
The OnStar Developer’s Challenge invites students from leading universities to design the next voice-based technology that will keep drivers safely connected while they are on the road. OnStar Connections will have more details on the Developer’s Challenge later this week.

OnStar Hardware
The ninth generation of OnStar hardware improves user experience with new natural voice recognition, Bluetooth phone book, improved navigation, the ability to work with advanced traffic management and severe weather alert services.

In coordination with the GM Foundation, OnStar is providing grants of $500,000 to the International Center for Automotive Medicine at the University of Michigan Health System, and $100,000 to the CDC Foundation for additional research related to the prediction of injury levels in severe crashes.

First Assist
First Assist, an enhancement to OnStar’s existing Emergency Services, allows certified Emergency Advisors to obtain critical information and provide important instructions to subscribers until first responders arrive.


“Live On” Campaign
A new campaign retains the core elements of safety and security that OnStar is known for, while introducing the idea of “powerfully simple connectivity.” Check back to OnStar Connections later in the day to see the first TV spot from the campaign.

What do you think of today’s big announcement? Let us know your opinion and any questions in the comments.

1 Available this fall on Android and iPhone® platforms.

  • chad

    Does anyone know what smartphones will compatible?

    • http://www.facebook.com/onstar socialstacy

      Hi Chad – At this time, it has been validated on the iPhone (including the new iPhone 4) and the Android mobile OS (including the Droid, Droid Incredible and new Droid X).

      • chad


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  • Keith

    When do you plan on releasing the iPhone app?

    • http://www.facebook.com/onstar socialstacy

      Keith – it is due out in late October

  • Chad

    Will the app work with older vehicles that have factory car starters, navigation…?

    • http://www.facebook.com/onstar socialstacy

      Chad, the MyLink app will work on select 2011 vehicles, because it requires the new Gen9 hardware. Hope this helps.

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