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Blogger loves the security of OnStar FMV

OnStar recently connected with several women from BlogHer.com and asked them to try out the new OnStar FMV mirror. OnStar provided each of the bloggers with an FMV mirror and also paid for the installation and service contract in consideration for their testimonials.

Karly from Buns in My Oven blogGuest post by blogger Karly, Buns In My Oven

I hopped in the car yesterday all set to head off to my 1pm appointment. Kids in the back seat, buckled in and ready with reading material? Check. Enough gas to make it there and back? Check. A bottle of water so that I can grab one quick sip before the kids notice it, demand it, and then backwash in it? Check. Purse and cell phone? Check.

I started driving. I was about a mile from my house when I realized that I had forgotten the box containing my new OnStar mirror. No big deal, right? Not at all, except I was headed to get the mirror installed.

That right there is the story of my life. I am FORGETFUL. All caps lock forgetful.

Sometimes it’s my purse, sometimes it’s my cell phone, and sometimes it’s my car keys. I haven’t forgotten my kids yet (unless you count that one time a few years ago when I forgot to pick a child up from somewhere, but that was totally not my fault).

So, back to the OnStar mirror. BlogHer emailed to see if I’d be interested in reviewing OnStar’s new For My Vehicle Mirror. I drive a Mazda, so I was super excited to hear that the FMV mirror is for non-GM vehicles! Pretty awesome! You just purchase an OnStar FMV rear view mirror, get it installed (it took them less than 45 minutes), and subscribe to the service and you are totally set.

I often drive through an area with no cell coverage (my parents live in a dead zone and refuse to move just for me and my cell phone usage). Knowing that I have OnStar means peace of mind while I’m not connected via cell phone. If I get in an accident, they’ll know right away. If I have car trouble I can just push the blue button and talk to a live person instantly. You can also purchase minutes and make and receive phone calls right from your mirror which might just be the fanciest thing I’ve ever heard of. Phone calls! From your rear view mirrror!

If I’m ever in an accident it’s nice to know that I have Automatic Crash Response with OnStar. They’ll send help even if I’m not able to ask for it, using GPS technology to send help to the right location.

FMV mirror

Photo provided by blog “Buns in My Oven”

Also, I like fun, shiny things. I’m sort of a geek. I wanted a nav system in my car just because it looks pretty. Do I need one? Probably not. Do I want one? Heck yeah. Now I have that with OnStar’s Turn by-Turn Directions. No more printing off a map from some website!

I love the security I feel when driving now. I’m not alone, someone is just the push of a button away. (Just ask my husband. He accidentally pushed the emergency button the day after we had the mirror installed. He’s kind of a dork.)

So, head over to OnStar’s Facebook page and check out all the coolness they’ve got happening or check out the mirror at your local Best Buy, then come back and talk to me. What would be your favorite feature of the OnStar FMV Mirror? I think mine is the Automatic Crash Response. I’m a mama – it’s my job to be excited about boring stuff like safety.

Guest post by blogger Karly, Buns in My Oven.

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