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September 30, 2011 by

Meet the OnStar Push On Sweepstakes Winners

Nearly half a million people participated in the Push On Sweepstakes. The lucky winners got to pick the GM vehicle of their choice just for pushing the OnStar button in their vehicles.

Watch the videos to see their stories and find out which vehicles they chose:
Richard Ruffert is a disabled veteran who had lived in a homeless shelter for a time:

Nancy Risbeck is a breast cancer survivor:

John Paul is the owner of a fire sprinkler installation company:

Joe Garcia loves to tinker with old cars:

Kim Clingerman, U.S. Air Force, gave her prize to her father, Richard, for his birthday:


  • Suzanne Arias

    Congratulations Joe & Margie Garcia so happy for the both of you.

    Alex, & Susie Arias

  • Dorene


  • http://q.qwest.com Charlie Owens

    Sure wish that would have won one of those cars, being that my husband is a 20 year veteran of the Air Force and is now and have been a cancr patient for almost nine years and now doing dialysis. How was the people picked that recieved the first five of the ten cars. We all have issues soe worse than others. Thanks

    • Kevin

      A Charlie Owens quit crying like a little baby! Nobody cares about your problems and just because your husband is a veteran doesn’t mean you deserve special treatment of any kind! So stop pouting you snob!!!

    • http://facebook Margaret Thompson

      Charlie Owens……I believe that you are being very selfish and bitter……they draws are random and not picked on your needs…….Instead of being so bitter you should be happy for the people and Veteran that did win a new vehicle. I to have a husband that has cancer, was on Dyalisis for 6 years, had a kidney transplant and now has to go back on Dyalisis, so you are not the only one that has problems. Maybe if you looked on the bright side of things, you would be a much happier and less bitter individual.

    • LisaJean

      Hi Charlie – Please pass along our gratitude to your husband for his service. We really appreciate all the servicemen and women out there. Please know that the winners were selected randomly through a computer-generated system. We do this to ensure that everyone has an equal chance of winning. Hope this helps! – Lisa

  • http://facebook Margaret Thompson

    Richard H. Ruffert…..I believe you are right, your mom had a lot to do with it…….you winning couldn’t have happened to a better person in my eyes!!!!!

  • http://www.lakesidelendingca.com Anastasia Busse

    Woooooo hoooooo Joe and Margie..You two so deserve and just think some one from little ole Lake Elsinore won such a huge prize. Awesome!!!!!!!

    Love ya’s and I want to go for a ride…