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October 31, 2011 by

Talking OnStar FMV Mirror

The new OnStar FMV is being talked about — by media, bloggers, new FMV owners and even OnStar Advisors. Take a look at what people are saying:

From the Media
The New York Times says: “It’s a soothing, satisfying thing having a human lifeline one button-press away.”
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PC Magazine says: “Compatible with more than 75 vehicle models. Looks like a standard rearview mirror. Accurate navigation with loud, clear voice prompts.”
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CNET TV says: “In the event of an accident, the system can also initiate a call from an OnStar person, and if nobody answers they can automatically send you out help.”
Watch the CNET TV video review.

Autosavant says: “The ability to have a conversation with someone to get accurate directions when you have only a vague sense of the exact name of your destination or where it’s located is a huge, huge bonus …”
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Ask Patty says: “With the advent of computerized GPS systems, I did not expect to love OnStar’s navigation as much as I did. But I soon discovered that there’s still a lot to be said for having a human touch…”
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“The reps [OnStar Advisors] I spoke with were cheery, courteous and, most importantly, miraculously efficient. They pulled up directions far more quickly than I could on my own.”
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From New OnStar FMV Owners

When her car slid 16 feet down an embankment, Solange Vale says OnStar saved her life. That’s why she wanted to get OnStar FMV the minute she bought her Hyundai.
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Three days after Clayton Garner got OnStar FMV installed on his 2001 Honda Civic, his car broke down on his way back to college.
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Janice Fitzsimmons says she was never at ease with her Honda until she got her FMV mirror.
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Bob Basa drives 500–600 miles a day, and his Ford F-250 has 120,000 miles on it. He feels more comfortable with OnStar FMV.
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Dr. Jose Cortez got emergency help from OnStar when he was trapped in his Nissan Sentra after a driver ran a red light and smashed into him.
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Joy Shackles says: “What I really enjoy is the sense of security that it gives me.”
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Kathy Berlin says: “I am loving the convenience and the safety,” and Linda Demarest says: “The guy at Best Buy explained everything to me, and before I drove home from work that night I hit the OnStar button and finalized my activation.”
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Two of the FMV mirror winners from the OnStar Add It On sweepstakes gave the mirror a thumbs up.
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Arnold Margerie made sure to get an FMV mirror in his new car, after what happened in his old one.
Find out what happened and why Arnold won’t drive without OnStar.


From OnStar Advisors
Socorro Adams says: “Being able to make hands-free calls and Bluetooth calls is awesome and safe. eNav is absolutely great and convenient.”
Read what else Socorro and three other Advisors had to say after they purchased the FMV mirror for their own vehicles.

Four OnStar Advisors talk about their FMV mirrors.
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From Bloggers:
Blogger BooMama says: “I loved the idea of having some extra safety measures in place.”
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Blogger Do They Have Salsa in China? says: “The mirror worked like a champ.”
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Blogger Sew a Straight Line says: “I know my children and I are that much safer while traveling.”
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Blogger The Cottage Home says: “Being the mom of two (almost three) young children, I find this product to be invaluable.”
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Blogger The Frugal Girl says: “All the reps I’ve spoken to have been uber-polite, pleasant and helpful.
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Blogger Buns In My Oven says: “I love the security I feel when I’m driving now.”
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Blogger What If No One’s Watching says: “However OnStar is training their Advisors, they’ve got the right idea.”
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Blogger Be Different Act Normal says: “I love knowing that help will come even if I can’t ask for it.”
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