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November 3, 2011 by

OnStar Comes to the Rescue When Woman Loses Her Car

Carol standing by her carCarol is an OnStar subscriber who lives in a suburb of Chicago. One day recently she drove into a popular area of the city where parking is at a premium. After driving up and down a number of side streets, she finally found a parking spot several blocks from her destination. As she got out of her Cadillac CTS, she made a mental note of the number and street name where she parked.

A few hours later as she walked back to her car, Carol realized she couldn’t find it. “Turns out I remembered the street number but had the wrong street name,” she says, “I didn’t panic but I was really mad at myself.”

OnStar works outside the car, too

Carol says she looked for her car for about a half hour. “I wasn’t sure what to do,” she says. “Then I remembered OnStar. I thought if OnStar could find a stolen car, maybe they could find a lost one.”

She had the OnStar number programmed into her cell phone. “The Advisor couldn’t have been nicer,” she says. “She asked me a few identity questions, then apologized because she had to put me on hold for a short time so she could locate my car. She was very concerned about my safety and was back on the line very quickly.

Safety and security are priorities

“I thought she would just give me the correct street address, but no — she asked me where I was and guided me with step-by-step directions the whole way to my car, which turned out to be several streets away. We were literally a team, block by block. I’d tell the Advisor when I came to a street corner and she’d tell me to ‘turn left’ or ‘turn right.’ It took about 15 minutes to get to my car and she stayed on the line with me every second.

“Finally I came to an area that looked familiar and the Advisor offered to flash the lights and honk the horn for me. I was amazed by all the personal attention she gave me.”

Carol says she likes to use Turn-by-Turn Navigation(1) when she’s on the road and often plans her routes ahead of time with eNav, sending her destinations to her car from her computer. She also uses Hands-Free Calling(2) regularly. But, she says, she absolutely “loves, loves, loves the live Advisors.”

1 Requires Directions and Connections plan. Visit onstar.com for coverage map.
2 OnStar Hands-Free Calling requires existing OnStar service contract and prepaid minutes. Visit onstar.com for coverage map.

Have you ever lost your car? Tell us about it in the comments below.

  • Gary

    I use OnStar for directions when traveling to unfamiliar places and it is great. This Sunday I had to get directions TO my car!
    My wife and I had just come out of Texas Motor Speedway after watching the NASCAR race. The differences between when I parked my Silverado and when I went to find it:
    1. Thousands more vehicles had been parked since I parked my truck and
    2. It was dark.
    After searching the darkened lot for 30 minutes I gave OnStar a call on my cell phone and was put through to stolen vehicle assistance. I informed the OnStar representative that I was stuck in a parking lot with around 70,000 vehicles!

    The OnStar representative asked me for more information. He had done his homework and knew we were at TMS. He asked if we could give him a road where we we near – he mentioned Waltrip something. I informed him that I had no idea where we where except that we were in the SW corner of the lot. I could not give him more information – why TMS has no lighting or indicators as to where you are parked is beyond me. I paid extra to get close in parking – one would think this would count for something!

    Within a few minutes they remotely triggered the horn and hazards.
    Initially we could not see anything but then heard faintly a horn in the distance. We walked in the direction of the horn and there was my Chevy!! We had been about to turn around when we were barely 100 yards from the truck!
    I was embarrassed to have called but I am so thankful to the professional demeanor of the representative on the line.
    Congratulations OnStar from a still slightly red-faced subscriber.

  • http://www.onstarconnections.com/2011/11/carol-lost-car/ Chris Marshall

    I referenced this article when calling Onstar to assist in locating my vehicle after is was towed to the wrong location (by provider used by Onstar Roadside Assistance). Onstar will only release your vehicle location to authorities and they were not able to assist my in finding my vehicle. I did located it on my own witin 4 hours or driving to different GM lots. Just be aware that they will not provide this location to you, it is actually in their terms of service. Please remove the incorrect article to avoid confusing other customers.

  • Terrance

    This article is a crock of bs. I had the exact same problem today a few hours ago. I couldn’t remember where I parked. I live in Chicago it’s very cold outside, and it was already after dark. I was not looking forward to circling several city blocks on foot to try and find my car. I was hoping Onstar would help. They refused. No matter what, they didn’t care about helping me. They wouldn’t even give me a hjnt (e.g…4 blocks from you…you’re getting hot, getting cold). I spoke to an advisor and the supervisor. The supervisor even went as far as to imply that I would have to file a bogus police report and report the car stolen before they will offer up the location of my vehicle. It was very very frustrating and disappointing to say the least. Why would they help some people and not others…assuming the article above is even true. This is upon the heals of them charging me $18.95 vs. $12.95 last month without any written notice of a price change…electronic or by mail.

    • jenlynn

      @Terrance – I am sorry to hear about the experience you had and would like to learn more about what happened. Could you please give me a little more information here: http://bit.ly/saPpIb Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon. – Jen

  • Andres Gonzalez

    They stole My truck and i wanna find it…before they damage It..can u guys find It

  • Johndoe

    I just called Onstar to find my 12 Camaro and they could not help at all to find it. They said I need to push the botton from inside the car in order to do anything. If I ever needed Onstar the most, it didnt help. My car is gone. I worked so hard for it and it was a dream come true just to have it. Now that its gone, I feel like I woke up from a good dream just to find my car not parked in my driveway anylonger. Bottom line, no Onstar cant find your car if its lost or stolen.