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November 21, 2011 by

OnStar FMV Installation: Quick and Painless

Ever wonder what the installation process is like for an OnStar FMV? How long does it take? How hard is it to operate? How does your vehicle look afterward?

What better way to find out than to hear all about it from several FMV mirror owners who have gone through the experience themselves.

Here’s what several women from BlogHer.com said about the installation process. OnStar provided each of the bloggers with an FMV mirror and also paid for the installation and service contract in consideration for their testimonials. They were asked to try out the new OnStar FMV mirror and then blog about it.

Mom with babyLindsay, The Cottage Home:
I had my mirror installed at a local car place in the area that was a certified professional in the installation of these mirrors. The installation and set-up took a total of about two hours. I was really impressed by the customer service I received from the OnStar folks. Once the OnStar mirror was installed into our minivan, I could start using it as soon as I needed it.


Grace Mitchell, What If No One’s Watching:
After receiving my OnStar FMV package in the mail, my first step was to get it installed. OnStar recommends using a professional installer. My installation took only a couple of hours and presented no problems. When I picked my car up, my original mirror had been replaced with the OnStar mirror, which is similar in shape and size and doesn’t pose any visibility issues. A small microphone was also installed just above the windshield — it’s so subtle I didn’t even notice it right away.

Even though my expectations for the mirror were high, I wondered if I was in for a let-down when the installer called to tell me that my car was ready (installation took about an hour and a half, by the way). I picked up my car along with a few instructions, and after I sat in the parking lot and made sure that everything seemed to be in good working order, I pressed my new blue OnStar button and called the OnStar people to finish the set-up. It only took about ten minutes to wrap up all the little details, and the customer service people were EXTREMELY helpful with their answers to my questions, especially when they explained how to pair my phone’s Bluetooth with the mirror. In fact, I told my husband later that I think OnStar customer service reps must have to score a certain number on a personality test; they are so personable and kind and willing to help.

Sabra Gubler, Sew a Straight Line:
The installation for the mirror was super quick and easy. I found a place, fairly close in the Big City, to install it, took it in, 1.5 hours later, they called me back to pick up my car with its fancy-schmancy new OnStar mirror and I was good to go. That’s it.


Kristen, The Frugal Girl:
Since all of this [service] is packaged into a mirror, installation is fairly unobtrusive…the FMV just replaces the normal rear-view mirror. And there’s a little microphone that gets installed above the driver’s head. Since the OnStar FMV needs to be wired into the vehicle, it’s not as simple as just slapping the mirror up, and so OnStar recommends professional installation. Installation takes one-two hours, so we dropped our van off and waited for a friend pick us up.

Because the wiring and installation of OnStar FMV requires special technical skill, OnStar strongly recommends that only professional installers who have special training and experience in the installation of OnStar FMV set up and install the product. Use the OnStar FMV store locator to find a retailer near you.

Have you thought about purchasing OnStar FMV but haven’t done so yet? Tell us what’s holding you back in the comments below.

  • Guest

    I’m hesitating because I can’t find an installer near me. I’m in the middle of the San Francisco Bay Area, but InstallerNet offers no search for qualified installers, and OnStar’s retailer list only shows sellers, not installers. So how do I know I won’t have to drive 40 miles and wait all day?

  • Jim Morris

    Best Buy installed mine

  • Jim Morris

    Had Best Buy Install Mine on April 30th 2014. It still isn’t operational as far as activation. The Bluetooth works flawless, and Best Buy installed it in 45 mins. You press the Blue Button it takes 15 mins for an advisor to come on, then they transferred me to Technical support, which said they would call me in 3-5 business days. Not a good service!

  • caracing

    ok. I purchased the mirror from Crutchfield online arrived as promised. I installed it myself very easy install. OnStar had a problem activating it which I am still waiting on. Not too happy about this, after my investment.