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December 19, 2011 by

OnStar FMV Sweepstakes Winners Give the Mirror a Thumbs Up

OnStar gave away an OnStar FMV mirror every day for a month last summer on Facebook. Check out what winners Justin Andrew and Barbara Matsko say about their experience with their new OnStar FMV mirrors.

Justin Andrew
Oregon resident Justin Andrew says he spends a lot of time in his 2000 Ford Mustang running errands, taking his children to school and picking them up. That’s why he’s glad to have won an OnStar FMV mirror, which allows him to drive wherever he needs to go without worries. “My favorite thing is the fact that you can push the button and talk to an OnStar Advisor anytime,” he says. “You know a real live person is going to be there for you.”

Andrew had his mirror installed at an audio shop in Portland. “They were fantastic,” he says. “The installation was pretty quick, and it was hassle-free.”

In addition to the safety features offered by OnStar FMV, Andrew says he’s been impressed with other OnStar features as well, especially Turn-by-Turn Navigation.(1)

Barbara Foster Matsko

Barbara Foster Matsko

Barbara Foster Matsko

Entering contests is almost a hobby for Barbara Foster Matsko. But she’s never been as excited about winning something as she was about her OnStar FMV, she says.

“I’m telling everybody that I won,” Matsko says. “My OnStar FMV is so much fun; it’s like a new toy.”

A resident of Dayton, Nev., Matsko drove to Reno, 45 minutes away, to have her OnStar FMV installed in her 1999 GMC Jimmy. While she doesn’t typically do a lot of driving, Matsko finds herself now looking for reasons to get in the car so she can use her favorite feature, Hands-Free Calling.(2) “I use it all the time,” she says. “Nevada just passed a law that says drivers can’t hold phones in the car. So hands-free is great.”

In addition to Hands-Free Calling, Matsko appreciates the safety features her OnStar FMV mirror offers. “I’m very grateful I have this because I’m handicapped, and if I need help, I can call somebody immediately,” she says. “When I first got the mirror installed, I pushed the button to call OnStar just because I wanted to try it. And it worked perfectly.”

1 Requires Directions & Connections Plan.® Visit onstar.com for coverage map.
2 OnStar Hands-Free Calling requires existing OnStar service contract and prepaid minutes. Visit onstar.com for coverage map.