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January 19, 2012 by

Tell Us Why You're an OnStar Fan

When OnStar subscribers share their stories with Connections, they often mention how loyal they are to OnStar and how they will never be without it in their vehicle, whether it’s factory installed or an OnStar FMV mirror.

If you’re an OnStar devotee, here’s your chance to prove it.

Who are OnStar’s biggest fans? It might be someone who:

• maintains OnStar subscriptions in multiple vehicles

• purchased OnStar FMV mirrors for loved ones

• is a longtime OnStar subscriber

• touts OnStar to friends and family

• has needed OnStar emergency services

• often locks their keys in their car

• hasn’t pushed their OnStar button yet, but wouldn’t think about driving anywhere without it.

Tell us why you’re one of OnStar’s biggest fans in the comments below!

  • Lily

    My Dad bought us a car with OnStar because he wants to feel better knowing that there is someone there to help Mom, my sister and me if we need it. Plus, he always loves to push the blue button for directions, even when he doesn’t really need it.

  • http://otisyoung@optonline.net Dan Young

    On Star is a savings grace for me for a few reasons.First it guides me through areas unknown to me that have no street lights.secondly it unlocks my car doors when i have a senior moment and leave the keys in the car[more than once].Thirdly and most important,it provides an element of security.This is a great example of how technology helps us live daily lives and there is no con,only pro.

  • http://yahoo membership up in feb

    love to renew at promotional rate

  • Wahaj Ahmed

    Love Onstar for its excellent subscriber services.

  • Justin LeBlanc

    The OnStar mobile app! Especially this time of year. I can start my car anywhere in the world, like at my desk. Then when I finally make it to the car, the engine and interior are toasty warm.

  • Larry Davidson

    I had been on a 7 day horseback elk hunt in Colorado. We had about a foot of snow during the hunt and when I got back to my Silverado, it was completely covered with snow. I was afraid that my battery might be dead, but the vehicle started right up after I unlocked the doors. The vehicle was covered in snow so I decided to get back out to clear snow off the windshield. When I got out, the door closed and to my horror the doors somehow locked by themselves!!

    There I was, 30 miles from the nearest town and no cell phone service at my location and my vehicle running with the keys locked inside!! It is also late in the afternoon and would be dark in another hour or two. I talked with the outfitter and he said that there was a place about 3 miles down the mountain road where he was usually able to get cell phone service. I borrowed his ATV and rode the 3 miles in the snow and cold, praying all the way that I would be able to get service. I reached the spot and luckily, I was able to reach OnStar with my cell phone. I told the advisor my situation and he assured me that he could unlock the doors for me. There was no way for me to know for sure as the vehicle was 3 miles back down the road and no cell phone service there to call anyone.

    I hurriedly returned back to the vehicle and continued to pray that the OnStar system worked and it did!!! Boy was I happy!!! I will never be without OnStar on any vehicle that I own. It really saved the day for me!!!