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February 7, 2012 by

OnStar Stolen Vehicle Assistance Breaks Up a Crime Spree

View of person from the back with their hands handcuffed behind their backThe police in Cape Coral, Fla., hit the jackpot when they recently responded to a stolen vehicle call. According to Lieutenant Tony Sizemore, Cape Coral Police Public Affairs Office, a man called the department early one morning to report that his 2010 Chevy Traverse was missing from his driveway.

The quick-thinking dispatcher, who was familiar with GM vehicles, asked the man if his Traverse had OnStar, which it did. The dispatcher got in touch with OnStar and within seconds the stolen vehicle was located on the parkway in Ft. Myers, heading into Cape Coral.

Officers set up at the foot of a bridge the Traverse had to cross — and like clockwork, the Traverse drove right by. The police stopped the vehicle and arrested three teenagers — a 17-year-old male, his 15-year-old sister and a 16-year-old male friend.

When the police took the trio into custody, they discovered that this had been more than just a joyride.

That one call to OnStar helped break up a juvenile crime spree known as “car hopping.” The teens had been going through neighborhoods looking for unlocked cars and taking whatever they found. In addition to the stolen Traverse, police recovered several credit cards and a wallet belonging to other victims.

Police charged the three with one count of grand theft auto, six counts of burglary and four counts of theft.

“This case was solved literally minutes after its discovery, thanks to new technology, heads-up thinking and old-fashioned police work,” Lieutenant Sizemore says. “OnStar most definitely played a pivotal role in not only arresting the car thieves but solving additional crimes as well. All while quickly and safely returning the victim’s car in good condition.”

Lieutenant Tony Sizemore

Lieutenant Tony Sizemore

Stolen Vehicle Assistance service varies by model and conditions.


  • http://www.facebook.com/hebertsochoa Heberts Ochoa

    good nigth, i want to know if i can actives mi chevi 2010 onstar but mi cars isnt in ee.uu but its was stoled in venezuela

  • LisaJean

    Hi Heberts – OnStar must be activated by a blue button push within the vehicle. We cannot activate a subscription over the phone or online. Also, OnStar is only available in the United States, Canada, and China right now. Sorry I don’t have better news to share with you. We hope your vehicle is recovered!