OnStar Helps Mom and Kids Stuck in Car Wash

May 14, 2012 by

Through an Advisor’s Eyes: Mom and Kids Get Stuck in Car Wash

Robin ChoWhen she’s not working as an OnStar Emergency Advisor, Robin Cho is all about her family. She has a grown son and daughter and three grandchildren, who, she readily admits, are the light of her life.

But when Robin is on duty as an Emergency Advisor, she’s all business. She likes helping people and finds her job very satisfying. Here, she shares one of her most compelling calls with Connections.

A subscriber in Colorado pushed the red emergency button when she found herself stuck in a self-service car wash with her two young children.

Because it was wintertime, she pushed the button that closed the bay door and proceeded to wash her car. But when she was finished and pushed the button to open the door, it only went up a couple feet. She repeatedly tried the button, and nothing happened. Looking for someone to help her, she pushed her OnStar emergency button and was relieved when the OnStar signal worked in the closed bay.

While she was talking to me, her 8-year-old daughter crawled out under the door, and the mom really panicked. She was screaming for her to come back inside, but she was also terrified the door might close on the little girl while she was crawling back under it or even lock her outside of the bay. By the time the little girl crawled safely back in the bay, the mom was pretty upset.

I called the police right away and also tried to contact the car wash owner. It took about 20 minutes for the police to arrive and another 10 minutes for them to get the door up. I stayed with the woman the whole time and tried to keep her calm.

When the door was finally opened, the woman was so relieved. She told me, pretty emphatically, “Every mother needs OnStar.”

Unusual situations can become emergencies when there are kids involved. What kinds of situations would you handle differently if your kids were with you? Flat tire? Becoming lost? Let us know in the comments below.