OnStar Turn-By-Turn Navigation Tips and Tricks

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OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation Tips and Commands

Tips you may not know that make OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation easier to use onstarconnections.com | #tips #navigation #directions #drive #onstar

Whether you’re a Type A personality and prefer to plan your routes ahead of time or a spontaneous soul looking for someplace new while already on the road, getting where you need to go has never been so easy.

Simply push your blue OnStar button and tell a friendly Advisor where you want to go, and Turn-by-Turn Navigation1 directions will be downloaded to your car. You can also find a destination on your OnStar RemoteLink® mobile app2 or easily plot your route using MapQuest.com and send directions right to your vehicle.

“I pushed the blue OnStar button to get OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation. The nice lady told me to make a U-turn, drive 500 feet and make a left turn…she definitely saved my little Saturday morning excursion.” — Dorian B.

Here are some helpful tips to make your navigation experience with OnStar even simpler.

Avoid interference

Noises inside and outside your vehicle can affect your vehicle’s voice recognition system. When speaking commands:

  • Make sure no one else is talking.
  • Turn your fan speed down to low and be sure your windows are closed.
  • Remember, voice recognition works best from the driver’s seat. Passenger commands may not be recognized.

Handy commands

Once you push the Hands-Free Calling/Voice Command button, you’ll hear the “OnStar ready” response. Then, you can say one of the following navigational commands:

  • “Route preview” to hear all the driving maneuvers. Whether your next move is a left or right turn, all maneuvers will play in sets of three.
  • “Repeat” to hear the last maneuver.
  • “Get my destination” to find the distance to your destination and your next maneuver.
  • “Mute directions” will control whether the directions play aloud. Note: If you muted the directions and deviate from the planned route, the message “You have left the planned route” will play automatically.
  • “Update route” to recalculate directions.
  • “Cancel route” to stop directions.
  • When using MapQuest.com for a trip with several stops, you can say “Virtual Advisor” to retrieve your next destination. Remember: You can store up to five destinations, retrieve them from your vehicle whenever you want and get up-to-the-minute turn-by-turn directions.

Tips you may not know that make OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation easier to use onstarconnections.com | #tips #navigation #directions #drive #onstar

Remember the way for your next trip

We tend to be creatures of habit — taking the same way to and from work (depending on the time of day) or going to our usual brunch spot. Use these commands to save your favorite destinations and routes:

  • When you say “Store route destination,” the system will ask you to name the destination for later use. You can store up to 10 route destinations.
  • Say “Plan route” to obtain directions for a stored, named route.
  • Say “Route destination directory” to hear all of your routes by name.

“I don’t always know exactly where I’m going, but I don’t worry about it with OnStar. There’s no worrying whether I made a wrong left or right turn. Instead, I arrive stress-free and on time. I use OnStar wherever I go, every time I’m in the car.” — Lois C.

Stay ever connected with RemoteLink

The redesigned RemoteLink mobile app has a tab dedicated to getting you to the places you love. Search for destinations with the in-app navigation feature, send directions right to your vehicle and access your contact information, all from your mobile device. So no matter where you are, you can always get where you need to go.

Print these Turn-by-Turn Navigation tips to keep them handy. Visit onstar.com to find out more about OnStar Navigation services.

1 Requires ABS and Guidance plan. Visit onstar.com for coverage map. Services vary by model.
2 Available on select iOS, Android™ BlackBerry® and Windows® devices. Services vary by device, vehicle and conditions. Requires active OnStar subscription.


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    I love Onstar

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    My favorite is the remote start feature especially in the winter time.