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Community Guidelines

The following Community Guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of OnStar Connections. Don’t forget that your use of OnStar Connections is subject to these Guidelines and our Terms of Service.

What to Do:

• Do Mind Your Manners:
OnStar Connections is a collection of unique supporters, each armed with varying levels of experience with OnStar. So it’s okay that people have different convictions and expectations. All we ask is that you’re courteous and well-mannered when you connect with others.

• Do Tell Us What Makes You…You:
Disclose whatever you like. Just remember that everyone on the Internet can read what you say.

• Do Stand Out
We’ve all met a Bob, a Susie, and a Tom. Or twelve. But we’d like to know which Tom is talking. So change your name. Add an initial. Be creative.

What Not to Do:
We don’t want to be strict schoolteachers here, but you’ve got to follow the rules below. We allow second chances, in most some cases, so we’ll drop a warning if you misstep. Please remember, however, that subsequent violations may result in termination of your account without warning.

• Don’t Plug Your Products, Services, etc:
Use your own space for advertisements and promotions. No individuals, groups, or businesses may solicit any project or purpose external to the site with the Forums or Blogs. This includes, but it not limited to, the following:

• The sale of products or services
• Requesting signatures, money, gifts, or donations for personal or cause-related purposes
• Work-From-Home businesses or opportunities
• Other job opportunities or resumes
• Charities, causes, events, or fundraisers
• Promotion of personal blogs/websites, or those that you represent
• Contest entries

• Don’t Comment Inappropriately
We will not tolerate any posts containing vulgarity, violence, racism, hatefulness, or otherwise offensive or illegal. Stereotyping, slurs, hate speech, and other forms of discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or political belief are not tolerated. If you are looking to harass or personally attack someone else, this is not the venue for you. If blocked by a member of the community, please respect his or her decision. If you are unsure as to the legitimacy of a member, please let us know and we will explore further. Valid complaints pertaining to your conduct will be handled by issuing a warning or permanently terminating your account.

• Don’t Post Nonsense
Keep posts on topic and refrain from disrupting the general flow of conversation. Off-topic comments (and their responses) may be removed without notice. Again, all content on the site is viewable to everyone on the Internet.

• Don’t Disregard Personal Privacy (This Means Yours Too)
We’d love to get to know you and learn about your adventures and experiences with OnStar, but you need to remember the visibility of this site. Making personal information public (email address, phone number, credit card number) can create headaches if the wrong people come across it. Be sure to be safe; share sensitive information privately and with people whom you trust. We cannot verify that everyone is who he or she says they are on the site.

Private messages are meant to be private, including information from us. If it was posted privately, you should assume it should stay that way. Posting private information publicly without permission may constitute member harassment.

• Don’t Post Off Topic Remarks
Off topic remarks can get nasty so we’re putting our foot down. Besides, it contradicts our purpose by creating unnecessary separations among members.

Photo Guidelines:
We must approve uploaded Flickr photos and those you embed within the community. If your photo is not approved, we will not notify you. Inappropriateness includes: violence, gang symbols, profanity, nudity, or anything else of a sexual nature.

Video Guidelines:
Uploaded videos must be OnStar-related or family oriented in order to keep the community free of clutter. Additionally, all videos fall under the same guidelines as for photos, but we will notify you if we aren’t going to approve your video content.

General Etiquette Guidelines:
• PLEASE DON’T SHOUT! In the digital world, people thinking you’re screaming if you write in caps, so make sure your caps lock is off. Some members, however, use caps for medical reasons. If you are medically required to use caps, please disclose this when you post so are not to confuse other members of your tone. If you think someone is shouting, use common sense and ask them.

• Only use music players in your own profile. Because they automatically play when you visit a page, it can be disrupting to other members.

• Don’t be misunderstood. Tone is hard to express online. So use punctuation, graphics, and “emoticons” effectively.

• Accurately title your videos and add descriptions. It makes it easier for members to understand exactly what they’re looking at.

We developed these guidelines to provide positive experiences for everyone who visits. Understanding the importance of moderating your content is critical to the success of the community so, please abide. If you cannot commit to adhering to the Community Guidelines, maybe OnStar Connections isn’t a good fit for you.

Reporting Violations:
We do not prescreen forum posts on the site, so please do not assume we have read everything that’s out there before you have. If you feel that a member has violated our guidelines, please send us a private message and we’ll look into the matter. We’ll review all reports in a timely fashion will make decisions at our own discretion. While we welcome the opinions of our members, we have final authority as to whether our guidelines have been broken. We reserve the right to remove content, shut down discussions or groups, warn and ban members from specific areas of the site or the community altogether. In doing so, we aim to support and preserve OnStar Connections as a safe environment. For further details, please see our Terms of Service below.

Technical Help:
If our site is hard to navigate, or you have a quick technical question, please click here

We Want Your Feedback:
OnStar Connections wants to hear from you. If you ever have questions or comments about the site click the Contact Us tab and drop us a line.